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About Personalities Test

Personality Tests gives you the means to explore your personality through taking a set of fun relational psychology quizzes.

Each quiz is based on your perception of an entity that you encounter in your everyday life.

When starting a test, you will first be asked to imagine a picture of a certain object. Then you will need to answer a series of questions that will describe the image of that object in your head. Based on your answers, the app will compile an analysis of your perception on some aspect of your life and present it. And voila … you can save this result, share with you Facebook friends, compare it with you Facebook friends, rate its truthfulness or simply laugh at it.

Bellow each of the answers in the result you can see the percent of people that has chosen the same answer as you have.

Important note: For best results, before taking a test, be sure to clear your mind of any recent images that you might have seen by taking a short pause before starting one. Watching television or listing magazine can temporarily distort your perception of a certain object.

Please remember, these tests are not to be taken seriously. They are here to have fun and provide some insightful entertainment. So go on, take a test and see what you will find out!


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